Friday, December 29, 2006

Sweet Pics From Nintendo World, NYC

I was in New York for the holidays and while I was strolling arounf Manhattan, I found the Nintendo World Store. I think this is the place where Reggie Fils-Aime launched the Wii but I'm not sure. Anway, as I walked around and watched five-year-olds suck at playing Wii I found a mini museum of all of this sweet Nintendo stuff. It had prototypes for the NES a crap load of custom game boys, and lots of other cool stuff. I whipped out my camera and snapped away. I'm putting the pictures in the post. Sorry if the quality sucks, I had to take these on the fly. Click on the picture for a closer look.

This was a Game Boy that was in the first Gulf Wars. It was hit while during a bombing at a barracks and still works. Its still playing Tetris.

More fried Game Boy.

Mmmmmm, toasty.

The evolution of the Game Boy. Game and Watch (far left) -> Game Boy (the gray brick) -> Game Boy Pocket (black to the right of the Game Boy) -> Game Boy Light (clear above Pocket) -> Game Boy Color (yellow to the right of Pocket) -> Game Boy Advance (above Color) -> Game Boy Advance SP -> (Silver to the right of Color) No Game Boy Micro though...

A golden Game Boy Advance SP signed by Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Zelda and Mario (to name a few).

Bling Bling.

Prototypes of the NES. Theres what looks like a Commodore-esque version with a QWERTY keyboard, something that looks like a cassette player called the Advanced Video System (AVS but not the Atari!), and I have no idea what the thing on the far right is but above there is a sweet joysitck-looking thing. Also check out the sweet metallic buttons on the concept controllers.

A close up of the AVS.

The NES with its Japanese counterpart, the Famicom.

Game Boys, lots and lots of Game Boys. Theres Pokémon, NES/Famicom, Mario, Donkey Kong, Kingdom Hearts, Camo, Naruto, and the colors of the rainbow.

A close up of the Pokémon ones. Theres Pikachu, Groundon, and Kyogre.

Friday, December 15, 2006

I Heart Pixel Art

Sadly, because I have nothing better to do on a Friday night, I started reading Make: . Its a really old ass issue but it has some cool stuff on BEAM bots and how to give you're old GBA a frontlit screen. Anyway, on one of the pages is a some cool pixel artwork. This gets my gears moving because I really like that kind of art style, especially in video games like Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (which by the way is a fantastic game and they just announced a sequel). I think to myself, "I'd really love to try my hand at a new art form," so I set off. Being a Mac user, I unfortunately don't have a basic image editor needed to create pixel art. I browse around Source Forge but I couldn't find anything promising. I turned to the almighty Google search engine, and out popped my answer. Open Sword has an absolutely top notch open source image editor specifically designed for pixel artists called Pixen. I mean this thing is just perfect. It has layer support, can export to multiple file formats, and much more. Now that I had my image editor, I needed something to draw. I looked around my room and my eyes fell upon my beloved Nintendo Entertainment System. I got to it and after 15 minutes or so of work I had this:

Not bad for a first try eh? I liked the experience soo much I might draw (or redraw some comx) into pixely creations. Drop a comment on whether you love it or hate it (or not, this blog has exactly one comment) and don't forget to check out the guys at Open Sword.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Is The Wiimote Hurting Wii?

While I was cruising around the internet, or surfing, as some people say, I came across a video of somebody playing Half Life 2 using a Wiimote through its Bluetooth functionality. This made me think, if people want immersive gameplay with a pointer and motion sensitivity and all that jazz, why spend money on a Wii when you can just buy the controller, run some scripts and have a jolly old time. Also, by the looks of things, the graphics on your PC (or Mac) would be better than the Wii. I'm not saying that the Wii sales are going to nose dive, if anything, good old Nintendo is going to snag some extra cash selling Wiimotes to folks on an Alienware playing Quake 4 instead of Redsteel.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Total T-Shirt Badassery

While skimming through the vast interwebs, I stumbled upon a blog featuring a t-shirt. This tee has the entire history of Nintendo in pretty little pictures from the NES of years past the gleaming Wii. I own or have owned seven of these bad boys soon to be eight with the arrival of a Wii. Not a bad collection at all. The Virtual Boy is missing from this family reunion, how strange.... Check out the shirt and then head over to Nerdy Shirts for some truly nerdy shirts.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Food or PS3?

I'm trying to get as many comx as I can out so I can establish a good sized archive. Eventually, I'll fall into a bi-weekly or weekly routine. Again, Click on the strip for a closer look.


Congrats to Mr. Anonymous for breaking TurboComx-16's comment virginity.

20,000 Hits...and No Comments

Hooray, the blog recieved its 20,00th hit today, less then 24 hours after its creation. With all of this traffic, not a single piece of feedback...

*UPDATE 1* Apparently my counter was 16,000 hits. Its now reading in the hundreds. yeah....

*UPDATE 2* I removed the counter becuase is wasn't...well...counting. It would jump around all sorts of figures so I finally said screw it. Good riddance.

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Feedback Please

With the release of my first comic, I'd love to have some feedback as I draw up some more Comx. You don't have to be signed in or any thing to post so go ahead.

Immersive Game Play??

Sorry about it being really sketchy (no pun intended). I'll eventually get around to beautifying it. Enjoy the first of many to come

*UPDATE 1* I overhauled the artwork. I put out the sketchy one first b/c I wanted to have at least one comic out on the first day. Click on the strip for a closer look.

New Logo!

I was finally able to Photoshop the original TurboGrafx-16 logo into the logo for the blog. However, I couldn't make the actual image the actual title. It had to go in the description

I'm up and running!!

Hello hello! This is the first post on my brand spankin new web comic blog, TurboComx-16. My mission here is have a good time drawin up and sharing some sick web comics. Expect the first comic to come out with in the next few days...